Hitachi and KTEG debuts mid-size electric excavator

New 8.7-tonne excavator claimed to be Australia’s first mid-range battery powered excavator

Making its local debut at the 2023 National Diesel Dirt and Turf show in Eastern Creek (NSW) in April this year, the excavator boasts an output of 40kW and productivity comparable to a diesel machine’s except without the emissions or noise, according to its manufacturer.

The excavator was developed by KTEG, a company formed by Hitachi Construction Machinery and German machinery distributor and solutions provider, Kiesel.

The KTEG ZE85 on display at the show was purchased by NSW civil construction company, Anric Civil, which is a big advocate of environmentally sustainable operations.

The ZE85 can be charged two ways – AC or DC charging.

“We have a CCS2 interface integrated in this machine for rapid DC charging and with that, it’s possible to recharge the machine within 45 minutes,” said Timo Vestweber from KTEG.

With AC charging, the machine will take two hours to go from zero to 100 per cent charge with a 63 Amp current.

“It’s also possible to run the machine on a cable. So worst case, if the machine is empty on charge and you need to run it, you can plug in the cable and run the machine,” Vestweber added.

According to KTEG, the machine is capable of a run time of up to seven hours.

“Normally we have three batteries inside providing 100kWh but here, it is 132kWh,” Vestweber said.

“With the standard configuration, the machine can go for 5.5 hours, but with the extension of the battery, we anticipate that this machine will run around seven hours.”

Anric Civil - Hire Electric

KTEG said the performance of the ZE85 is on par with its diesel counterparts.

“In fact, the hydraulic system (of the ZE85) is 1-to-1 comparable to its diesel brother. So pumps, hydraulic blocks, everything is the same,” Vestweber said.

“The weight is also slightly higher than on the ZX85, so you’re standing slightly more stable.

Without a conventional diesel engine under the hood, the ZE85 emits no harmful engine emissions or noise, making for a much more comfortable operating experience.

KTEG also has several other electrified excavator models in its portfolio including a two-tonner, a 15-tonner and a 15-tonne wheeled excavator.

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Written By: Carene Chong