Technology and innovation drives Anric Group’s success

Established over forty years ago, Anric Group today stands an industry leader within the rail, industrial, commercial and residential sectors. Its success has been forged through a combination of its specialised technical team, focus on state-of-the-art rail technology and early adoption of emerging and custom construction tools and processes.

Anric Group services local and state governments, construction companies and spearheading its own projects. Anric Group’s journey from its inception to becoming an industry titan is a testament to its pioneering approach and technical prowess.

Comprehensive construction solutions

Solutions provided by Anric Group span residential and industrial sub-divisions, drainage, road construction, spoil removal, demolition and site remediation. It also performs bulk and detailed earth works, retaining walls, storm water, services installation, light and heavy duty pavements, car parks and roadworks.

Anric Group is also a fully licenced Safework NSW demolition and asbestos removal contractor with deep experience across sensitive heritage sites, waterways and railway corridors. It is highly qualified in piling and ground engineering, specialising in difficult access bored piling projects with head height restrictions.

Innovation, creativity and flexibility

Operations manager Anthony Spinozzi said, “Our objective is to deliver a project experience for our clients that pushes boundaries, inspires creativity and demonstrates our solid focus on technological developments.

“We are consistently adapting to the evolving and complex rail and civil industry to meet the diverse and often challenging demands of clients. We design, engineer and develop custom attachments and equipment to work with the world’s leading rail machinery. This approach ensures we remain as a preferred partner in civil and rail works.

“Taking the initiative in providing tailored solutions for all our clients has always paid dividends. We have demonstrated an ability to collaborate closely with major prime contractors who benefit from our multiple resources that provide not only solutions, but opportunities,” he said.

Large engcon fleet

Anric Group Plant Manager, Jamie Burke said they are always searching for the most modern plant and equipment that meets the highest European Standards for emissions, noise and fuel efficiency. “Our introduction to engcon was travelling to overseas trade shows, together with a strong and positive social media presence. We could immediately see the benefits of adopting the engcon technology within the Anric operation.

“Our interest in engcon was sparked through the realisation that engcon tiltrotator systems and engcon EC-Oil quick hitches would make us more efficient, far more productive and provide high safety for our people and others who are working on construction sites. We have more than fifty engcon systems on our excavators.

“Our first engcon system dramatically demonstrated the enormous benefits of using the tiltrotator. From that time, we had no hesitation in expanding our inventory of tiltrotators. All the engcon systems have been extremely reliable, efficient and their benefits have exceeded our expectations.

“In addition to the full suite of engcon tools and attachments, we have a large inventory of custombuilt tools that we have developed over the years for the specialised tasks required by our customers. The engineers at engcon have been incredibly supportive, wherever needed, to help our integration of these specialised tools to the engcon system.

“The nature of our work typically involves numerous tool changes throughout daily shifts and this is where the engcon EC-Oil has truly become an indispensable part of our business, “Jamie added.

The electric revolution

Commenting on Anric Group’s most recent engcon tiltrotator acquisition, Anthony Spinozzi said, “There has been an increase in the number of customers who have indicated an interest sustainable practices and wish to reduce their diesel usage over time. Our hundred percent electric eight-tonne Hitachi ZE85 excavator represents a trial to see how the market responds to this sustainable option.

“We see some benefits in offering an electric machine, particularly as we are an industry leader that prides itself on being innovative and progressive. The world is moving towards sustainability and regardless of how long this movement may take, we want to have the electric experience so we can explain to customers the benefit of the technology.

“At this stage, deployment of an electric excavator may not lead to lower pricing, however there are specific projects and applications where this equipment will be an industry solution. The key advantage of the electric excavator is its absence of noise and there are no fumes or liquid fuel issues. The ZE85 is ideal for working in small or constrained areas, tunnels or in boxtype locations where noise and fumes are definitely an adverse factor.

Tiltrotators are essential

“One cannot imagine our business operating without our engcon tiltrotators. They are an integral part of everything we do and enable us to deliver projects that demand the highest standards of efficiency and safety. Anric Group’s journey is a narrative of innovation, adaptability and commitment to excellence. By embracing technological advancements and prioritising sustainable practises, Anric Group continues to shape the future of construction, ensuring its position as a leader in the industry.“ Anthony added.

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Written by: Michael Parkinson for engcon